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The Aviators Associated Model

The unique Aviators Associated business model is based on a network of independent Business Aviation specialists ("Associates") based in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia and Latin America that come from all relevant business fields and specialist areas. For each individual project, a newly formed team - specifically tailored to the client's actual needs - is carefully assembled. This approach guarantees that every selected team member is a subject matter expert covering the precise area for which the client requires assistance.

This very tailored and customized approach is only possible due to the vast international network and the personal relationships of the founder and the senior partners, built over decades and based on extended experience in all matters related to aviation.

The Founder:

Patrick Enz is a Swiss aviation professional with 25 years of experience in the airline and business aviation segments. He has held senior positions in the Swissair and Lufthansa Groups before joining the world of business aviation as the VP for Business Development in Jet Aviation Group. He then lead Middle East pioneer Rizon Group as their CEO, overseeing the expansion of the group's aircraft maintenance and flight operation activities in Doha and London. Patrick was subsequently responsible for building up Hawker Pacific's Aircraft Management division in Singapore.

Very experienced in the development of relationships in the ultra high net-worth segment, Patrick has a combination of operational track record and expertise in the management of international aviation companies and the leadership of multicultural, geographically dispersed teams. His unique capability is the combination of a strategic approach to business with a hands-on attitude.

Patrick holds an MBA from Bocconi University and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society in London.